Word From An OG

“They see you when you grind and ain’t getting it but when the success comes you become visible.”

“A lot of things will go down for you to go up.”

“Sometimes the weight is just too heavy…people don’t know what you going through and they still envy you.”

“Man needs money to survive … a man needs life to spend money …some lose life to spend money.”

“They only check on you when they get cheques from you.”

“Live about the situation called Nigeria…it was created to kill dreams.”

“Life comes with crosses…profit and losses…turns and tosses but don’t fold.”

“You start living life when you realize every vibe anyone gives to you positive or negative becomes positive for you…It’s very important you respect the decision of others because every human has what works for him /her…know what works for you…it’s the cross for me…even the cross was made with a plus…it’s all positive.”

“The words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart…might tear me apart but still gonna clear the Path…The Ghetto Gospel”

“Opening your heart to make sacrifices…opens the door to great surprises…work with God so He can work for you.”

“Live life…someday we gonna leave life…The body will be gone and the soul to another place I don’t know…but Life goes on because even in Death there’s life.”