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Introducing Our SuperStar - AFOLABII

Listen and watch the vibes and tunes CMM’s Top Artiste brings to the music industry.

Quotes For The Streets

Words From An OG

Discover and enjoy street-inspired quotes from AFOLABII to get you all fired up.

Meet The Star


Afolabii is hip-hop rebranded to wavy afrobeat and modern rap pop-culture.

Afolabii is talent born out of passion for greatness and positivity

Afolabii is a raw undiluted messenger of the ghetto youth with dreams

Afolabii is a Nigerian historical civilian mopol leader.

Afolabii is a fresh new breathe and uniqueness

Afolabii is a name of Yoruba origin in the western part of Nigeria, that means “Born in wealth and high status”.

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